Los Angeles, CA USA

Bobby Chacon, retired FBI Agent and technical advisor


Bobby is a veteran FBI Special Agent &  attorney who is a sought after expert in criminal & counter-terrorism investigations.

FBI Career


An international career that included several overseas posts, including criminal, counterterrorism and forensic expertise.

Current Plans


Technical advisor and story consultant for television and movies. Frequent legal and law enforcement analyst for television, radio and print news outlets. Works closely with FBI profilers on many projects. Has appeared in feature films and network television shows portraying FBI Agents and law enforcement officers. Member of Screen Actors Guild.

Future Projects


Bobby is an effective and passionate storyteller with a lifetime of adventures to share.

About Bobby

Early FBI Career


In 1987 after graduating law school Bobby immediately entered the FBI Academy at Quantico. Upon graduating from Quantico Bobby was assigned to the New York Office of the FBI where he worked the Italian Mafia (Luchesse Family) and Jamaican Posses. During this time Bobby was trained in and excelled at developing and operating informants, conducting surveillance, running undercover operations, performing Title III wiretap investigations, executing high risk search and arrest warrants, assisting in grand jury presentations and testifying in federal district courts. Bobby became the FBI's leading expert in Jamaican Posses and travel to Jamaica, Canada and the UK to testify as an expert. Bobby was also a FBI Legal Instructor lecturing to other FBI Agents on 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment issues (mainly) as they related to FBI investigations.

Underwater Crime Scene Investigation


In 1995 Bobby is selected as a part-time diver on the FBI's NY dive team. Over the next 19 years, with the help of the FBI Laboratory Bobby will establish the FBI's Underwater Forensic Program, setup and train the FBI's four regional evidence dive teams and pioneer the field of underwater crime scene investigations. In 2000 Bobby became the first full time diver in FBI history when he was selected to be the Senior Team Leader of the NY FBI dive team. During this time Bobby was a diver on the TWA Flight 800 case and led the NY Dive Team on cases such as the Anthrax searches in Virginia, the Space Shuttle crash in Texas. Bobby, working with the FBI Laboratory, established the selection, training, equipment and operational protocols for the entire FBI Underwater Search and Evidence Response Program.

Crisis Management & Counterterrorism


In 2003 Bobby was transferred to Los Angeles but was immediately dispatched to Athens, Greece for nine months to help Greek authorities prepare for the 2004 Summer Olympics (a similar position he held at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City). In 2005 Bobby was tasked with leading a team to Baghdad, Iraq to teach counterterrorism courses to the Iraqi police and military. In 2006 Bobby again returned to Iraq, this time as part of an elite FBI dive unit requested by the Pentagon to conduct a sensitive dive operation in southern Iraq to assist US Army CID. Bobby returned to Los Angeles in late 2006 and was the full time FBI LA Senior Dive Team Leader from 2007 until his retirement from the FBI in 2014