XGTV discussion of mollie tibbetts disappearance

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the michaela show

Bobby Chacon discusses the case of a CDC scientist who went missing without a trace. 

Crime and Justice with ashleigh Banfield

Did a young girl commit suicide or did her father pull the trigger ?

Primetime justice with ashleigh banfield

Is there a serial killer stalking Tampa bus stops ?

Primetime Justice with Ashleigh banfield

Three year old missing girl found dead. Father charged.

Politics and the people

Conversation about the investigation into possible Russian interference in US presidential election.

Dr. Drew Show on HLN

Conversation about a murder for hire case.

MichaeLA Show on hln

Interview about a nationwide crackdown on the MS-13 gang.

the hardline on newsmax

Multi-topic interview touching on police officer accused of trying to aid ISIS and security at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.