Los Angeles, CA USA

Bobby Chacon, retired FBI Agent and technical advisor

Sri Lanka Terrorist Attacks

Special Agent Bobby Chacon is interviewed by China Global Network America regarding the Sri Lanka terror attacks.

Andrew mccabe firing

SA Bobby Chacon discusses the firing of Andrew McCabe

Television News

Bobby Chacon is a sought after expert commentator on nationwide and international news programs. He is called upon to address a wide range of topics from crime and investigations to all things FBI to politics and world affairs.

Fox news ingraham angle, mueller & manafort

Fox News Ingraham Angle hosted by Jason Chaffetz talking Mueller and Manafort

Dive Rescue Operation in Thailand

CNN's Outfront with Erin Burnett, guest host Jim Sciutto

Fox Business Lou dobbs show

Bobby Chacon appears on Lou Dobbs' Show with guest host Trish Rega to talk about FBI's errors in addressing the Parkland High School shooter.

MSNBC appearance on dealing memos and security clearances

Bobby Chacon provides commentary on the dueling memos coming out of the House Intell Committee and security clearances for White House staff.

Las Vegas Shooting

Analyzing the mass shooting in Las Vegas


Interview on Israeli tv i24News regarding Barcelona ISIS attacks


Gunman targets congressmen

terrorism via political violence

Discussion on CNN re political violence

UK Terror attacks

U.K. concert attack